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What Is Object-Oriantation ??

It is a major premise of this book that the object-oriented approach to systems development helps to avoid many of the problems and pitfalls described in earlier chapters. In this chapter we lay the foundations for understanding object-orientation by presenting an explanation of the fundamental concepts. This is important for all readers who are new to object-orientation, but particularly so for those who are already familiar with other approaches to systems analysis and design, for example, structured analysis. There are important differences between the object-oriented approach and earlier approaches. It is necessary to have a sound grasp of the basic concepts in order to be able to apply the techniques of object-orientation in an effective way.

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How To Convert Website To Mobile App

Mobile Apps Development is increasing day by day for its huge demand. Most of the web services will convert to apps in the nearby future. People are spending most of their times with their mobile phone instead of desktop or laptop. It makes the market of mobile apps development very much demandable. GonjoTech is highly involved in the fields of Mobile Apps Development from the beginning of its .

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Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality (VR) is a representation of simulated experience which can be very much similarity of real experience. It’s operated by a headset which is called VR Headset. Actually VR is one kind of simulation-based virtual reality. Anyone can get 360 degree experience of an image or video by using VR. Nowadays it’s very much popular to the young generation. Actually not only just young generation, anyone who experienced it for the first time can’t leave it for the second time. It’s mainly used for entertainment purpose. It’s also used for educational purposes such as medical or military training. The market of VR is growing day by day significantly. Tech giants are investing millions of dollars to build a better product than others.

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Top 3 Programming Languages to Learn in 2020

There are so many languages to learn in the programming world. But I think if you learn just 3 languages deeply, you will have enough tasks to implement with them. There are so many job opportunities are available by learning these languages. But the condition is you have to learn these languages as much deep as you can which must have to be marginal. Both of beginners & experts of any levels in any kind of programming languages can practice these languages. Here is a brief description of these languages where you can get an idea about these languages.

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Freelancing – as a career in Bangladesh

Unemployment is a big problem in Bangladesh. A big number of educated people are unemployed in Bangladesh. Many students are completing their education every year. There are so many graduates are released from their universities after completing their education. A few number of government jobs are created every year which is not sufficient comparing a large number of job seekers. There is not so much job opportunities in private sector also. Foreign investment in Bangladesh is not so much high as expectation. That is also one kind of reason for not creating a sufficient number of jobs. As a result, a large number of educated people are being unemployed every year. This amount of unemployed people is increasing year by year. So it’s become one of the major issues of concern for the government of Bangladesh.

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There was a dye worker who was bound to bear the expenses of a poor family in Sylhet, Bangladesh. The family was in crisis because his father had died who was the leading earning member of their family. There was two brothers & four sisters in their family. As a dye worker his income was 150-200 Bangladeshi taka per day what was $2-3 in US dollar per day. But one addiction was in his mind for all time that is football. He didn’t get the chance of playing football regularly because of his daily work. But when he got the chance to play football after finishing his daily work, he made proper use of that time. There was no football coach for him to teach the techniques and tactics of modern football. Actually as a natural talent he had no need to extra time for practice. When he got some time for play football that was sufficient for him. Poverty didn’t keep him away to become a footballer because he was very much dedicated to playing football as football was his passion.

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